Egyptian Future Guardians

Posted on 20/4/2010

We Honerd to be sponser for Egyptian Future Guardians & Sohbet Alker Foundation, we have worked on the campaign that consists of 2 brochures and outdoor ads.



Blu Line

We start working with BLU LINE diving center

We managed to launch the Blu Line’s new identity, in accord with the change of its name.



Dar Maraya press

Posted on 23/3/2010

We start working with DAR MARAYA press.

Dar Maraya press are a great publishers and distributors. We are committed to maximizing the impact of there titles, we also attach a high priority to arranging co-editions of there books.




Dar El Fouad

Posted on 14/3/2010

We start working with DAR AL FOUAD hospital.

we strive to gain a deep understanding of DAR AL FOUAD upcoming new campaigns. We foster a relationship and work together to create strong, compelling ideas that get successful results.



Absolute|Studios is here!

Posted on 1/3/2010

Getting start in business is like getting start to prepare all your weapons for getting ready, we here in Absolute|Studios are believing in our talents and experience and We are confident about ourselves!.